Dear Hope: Friendless


Dear Hope:

I’m so sad at school, I don’t have any friends.  It’s not like I’m looking for loads of them just one.  That one best friend to share everything with.  When I walk down the hall I keep my head down because I’m lonely.  How can I make a friend?

–          Friendless

Dear Friendless,

I’m sorry that you are feeling lonely right now, but you can change that.  There are so many people that feel the same way, and like you, they just don’t know what to do.  You have to think of the kind of friend you would like to have and remember that they will want that in a friend also.  You need to act confident and show other people that you are approachable and friendly.

When you walk down the hall with you head down you are not showing that.  You might give the impression that you want to be left alone.  Walk tall and keep your head held high and smile at everyone.  Say HI to people and see how they respond, your friend is there, maybe waiting for you to find them.  Look around and see if you see someone else with their head down, someone who appears lonely.  You might find out that person is exactly who you are looking for.  If not, you can help them be more confident so they can find the friend their looking for.

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