Dear Hope: Bus Rider

Bus Rider

Dear Hope:

I just turned 15 and in my state that means I am old enough to get my driving permit.  All of my friends are getting theirs, but my dad says I have to wait.  He thinks I am not responsible enough.  How can I convince him to let me get it? 

–          Bus rider for life

Dear Bus Rider for Life,

I think the question is: how can I show him that I am responsible enough.  Just because your friends get to do something, does not mean it is right for you.  Comparing yourself to someone else can drive you crazy.  Go to your dad and ask him (nicely, calmly, and maturely) why he is against it.  Listen to him and see what his reasons are.  It will show a lot of maturity if you stay calm and don’t get angry.  If he is not ready, you will have to wait.  Even though it’s hard to wait it really is for your safety.  Just because you are at an age to drive does not me it is the right thing.  Let him know you are working on being more responsible.  Ask him if he would be willing to discuss it again in a few weeks.  Be patient I don’t think you will be riding the bus forever.



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