Dear Hope: In Love with My Best Friend

Dear Hope:

I think I am in love with my best guy friend.  Do I tell him, or will it ruin our friendship?  What should I do?

          –          Love Struck

Dear Love Struck,

Yes, you should tell him.  Honesty is always the best, and honestly it could definitely change the friendship.  It could freak him out, scare him off, or he may totally like it.  You have no way of knowing until you talk to him.  If he does freak out, but is a true friend, he will get over it and probably think it’s cute.  If he likes it then you can explore possibly dating.  Holding it in can cause stress for you that you don’t need.  It could eventually become awkward for you to hang out with him.  Plus if your feelings get deeper and he dates someone else, it would be hard on you.  Tell him how you feel, get it out in the open and go from there.

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