I’m Afraid To Say This….

Fear 2

Once upon a time,

I was at this conference and they were asking people to come up and share.  The people leading it knew I was there and I knew they wanted me to come up and talk but I was afraid.  Talking in front of groups freaked me out, and if that wasn’t bad enough, I was expected to speak on a microphone.  Come on, really??  I was already afraid that I would sound stupid enough, I didn’t need to blast it on a microphone.  So, I literally tried to hide on the floor behind all the chairs to avoid having to talk in front of everyone. How ridiculous was that.  I was afraid that I would sound dumb.  But finally, after some convincing from my friends and a pathetic pep talk in my head, (come on, you got this Gab, it can’t be that bad, okay it will probably be bad, but um…I guess you can do it…) I went up to speak.

Once the words finally started coming out, it wasn’t all that bad.  I actually ended up liking it. After all of that ridiculousness, I rocked the mic (yeah, I’m cocky about it now).  I’ll be real, having the attention from the crowed was pretty awesome, the adrenaline wasn’t too bad either.

I’ve held myself back from a lot of things because I was afraid to go for them, afraid I would sound stupid, or afraid I would fail miserably.   The fear of failing or being judged can be hard to get over.  But getting nervous all the time gets really annoying.

I am learning that the thing that scares you is just a wall to the other side where all the magic is.  It is the wall you have to break through to get that thing that takes your life from alright to awesome.  Beyond that unsure and crappy fear is where it’s at.

If your fear is stopping you from being as amazing as you are, then I encourage you to do those things that scare you.  Let me say that part again.


Be yourself.   Try Out.  Tell the truth.  Just don’t be afraid to try.  It doesn’t matter what happens.  You are successful the moment you just go for it.

It isn’t about having the fear; it is about not letting the fear stop you.  Don’t let the fear stand in your way.  Turn it around.  Use the jitters as energy.  When nerves make you shaky, or feel like you have to throw up, turn it around and use those feelings to your advantage.  Nerves can be like electricity running through your body, don’t let it bring you down, let it power you up.

Tell yourself that you are amazingly capable and then take all that energy and go for it.

– ttfn G –

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