Dear Hope: Bored

Dear Hope:

I love my boyfriend and love hanging out with him, but we never do anything.  Whenever we hang out we just stay at my house.  We have fun, but it’s getting boring.  I made hints, but he never suggests anything else to do.  How can I get him to plan a date?

–          Bored

Dear Bored,

I’m glad to hear you and your boyfriend have a good relationship, but I can understand why you’re bored.   I don’t know the reason why he never plans anything, but I think it is probably one of two things.

1) He has no money and does not know where to take you that he can afford and maybe he is embarrassed about it.

2) He doesn’t know how to plan a date.

I think you should tell him that you would like to start going out sometimes.  Let him know that even though you enjoy hanging out at your house, it would be fun to do other things too.  Tell him that you will plan the first date, then you both can plan the second date together, and then it’s his turn to plan something. That gives him a chance to see an example and gives him time to practice.  Most times they are just clueless and don’t have any idea how to plan something or where to start.

If the issue is money, tell him that you are not expecting him to spend tons of money.  Find fun inexpensive things to do together.  Look for a discount movie theater.  Go out for appetizers instead of a full meal.  Make food together and go on a picnic.

Just try and have fun and encourage him to start planning more dates.

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