Dear Hope: I Want To Cheat

Dear Hope,

I think I want to cheat on my girlfriend.  I love her and we have been dating for 7 months.  I just keep thinking about this other girl.  She is really hot and I am totally into her.  We have been texting a lot and I want to be with her.  I know if I do my girlfriend will break up with me and I don’t want that.  Help

–          Anonymous

Dear Anonymous,

Yes, your girlfriend might break up with you if you cheat.  Can you blame her?  There is no reason to cheat on someone.  If you feel like you want to be with this other girl then you need to rethink the relationship you are in.  You cannot be with them both unless they both are fully aware of what you are doing.  Your girlfriend deserves an honest boyfriend that only wants to be with her.   7 months is long enough for her to trust you.  Don’t take that commitment lightly.  Take some time to decide what you really want.  If it is your girlfriend, stop messing with this other girl.  If you want to be with the other girl, break it off with your girlfriend.  Whatever you choose be kind and respectful of both of their feelings.


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