Dear Hope: One-Sided Relationship

Dear Hope,

Makeup, having her nails done, hair, that’s all my girlfriend talks about.  When we go out she just wants me to take her to the mall.  I’m sick of going to the mall.  I’m not saying we couldn’t do that some times, but not all the time.  I have suggested doing other things and she just laughs and says no we’re going to the mall.  I love her, but I’m done with only doing what she wants.

–          Anything but the mall

Dear Anything But the Mall,

This seems very frustrating and one sided.  It’s more like your girlfriend is having a relationship with herself.  If you want to keep dating her, you need to talk to her.  Explain how you feel and let her know that you want to start doing things that you’re both interested in.  If she is not willing to compromise then you might want to rethink this relationship.  Your wants and likes are just as important as hers.  You both should respect each other’s interests.

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