Dear Hope: Girl Problems

Dear Hope,

I have not had my period very long, I got it at fifteen.  My friends have had theirs for years and they don’t have any problems.  I’m not always getting mine.  It doesn’t always come every month.  Is something wrong?  Is it because I started my period late?

–          Girl Problems

Dear Girl Problems,

It is not uncommon to skip a period or have an irregular menstrual cycle within the first few years of starting.  You might have a period twice in one month, or you may go without a period for two months.  As your body grows and changes so will your periods. By year 3 you should have a pretty regular schedule.

Right now you should be having at least one period every three months. If you aren’t or you feel concerned for any reason go see your doctor.  Don’t be embarrassed to talk to your doctor; they understand what your body is going through.

If you are sexually active and you miss a period you need to have it checked out because it could be a sign of pregnancy.

Remember to keep some pads in your purse or backpack in case it starts when you are not expecting it.

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