Dear Hope: It’s the Thought That Counts!

Dear Hope,

My mom’s birthday is in two weeks and I can not think of a gift.  I never get her anything good, she says it’s the thought that counts, but I don’t even have a thought. Can you give me some ideas? Plus I have no money so it needs to be free.

–       Giftless

Dear Giftless,

Your mother was right; it is the thought that counts.  Mothers like to know they are loved and appreciated.  The gift really should could from your heart, but here are a few ideas to help get you thinking.

Write her a letter telling her how much you appreciate her or about a specific time she helped you through something.

Take a jar or a box and fill it with little notes. Like one note for each year she has been your mother. The notes can just say I love you, or what you love about her, what she means to you or special memories

Take a selfie – print it and frame it. You can buy a cheap frame or make one.  You can embellish either frame with gems, shells, glitter, lace, ribbons

Make her a special breakfast.

Wait on her for the day.

No matter what you do, do it with your heart!


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