Dear Hope: Yesterday I Felt Sad.

Dear Hope,

Yesterday I felt sad.  I have been going through a lot with school and my job.  Trying to keep up with everything is hard and I do it, but yesterday I felt like I had enough.  I laid in bed all day and cried and slept.  I decided I need a few less hours at work because of school.  Today I feel better and I even talked to my boss about my hours and he understood.  Things are working out today and I’m happier, but I feel guilty about yesterday.  I feel silly for staying in bed all day and crying, was it wrong to do that?

–       Cry Baby

Dear Cry Baby,

There is nothing wrong with taking a day to regroup or reenergize.  Our bodies know when we need to take a break, to get some sleep, and to have a good cry.  Crying is great way to release stress.  Never feel guilty for taking care of yourself.  You said you felt like you had enough; if you had not taken the day, you might still feel that way.  Getting a chance to chill for the day and to just be, gave you a chance to think.  After processing your feelings you figured out what you needed to do and then you put your plan into action.  You did all the right things.  You listened to your body, and then took action.  Instead of feeling guilty, you should be proud of yourself.

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