5 Ways You Can Give Back


5 ways you can give back

Last week we talked about how awesome and important it is to help others. Check it out here: Giving Back = Getting Back

Yesterday, my mom and I were out shopping when an older man that hardly spoke English walked up to my mom and started talking to her. We couldn’t really understanding what he was trying to say at first, but after  a few rounds of charades, we figured out that he was looking for razors. My mom walked him to the razors and helped him find what he was looking for.

A few minutes after she got back to where we were shopping, the little old man popped his head around the corner asking for help finding something else.  Another round of charades began, and she helped him find what he needed again. You could visibly see how appreciative he was for her help.  It was actually pretty adorable.

No, she doesn’t work there, and no, she didn’t have to help, but why not?  It was so simple and made a difference in someone’s day (including ours).  Actually, it put my mom in such a happy mood that a few isles later she gave me a huge hug (seriously, it was so big and dramatic) in the middle of the isle. All I could do was say “okay…this is happening…”

Are you feeling inspired to give back, but don’t know how?  Here are some ideas to get your brain bouncing.

5 ways you can give back

  1. Help around your home.

    –  Offer to help your mom with chores,

    –  Offer to babysit your sibling

    – Help with dinner

  2. Help around your neighborhood.

    – Mow your neighbor’s lawn

    – Walk someone’s dog

    – Go for a walk with your friends and pick up trash you see along the way

  3. Give your time, compassion, and friendship to people.  This is one of my favorites because there are so many easy things you can do that can really make a difference to people.

    – Compliment people

    – Be there for someone who just needs a friend to listen to them

    – Tutor someone who is struggling in an area you rock at

  4. Give money and stuff.  That doesn’t mean you need to have a lot of money to do this.

    – Pay for the coffee for the customer behind you

    – Save loose change to donate to a charity that means something to you

    – Go through your closet and donate clothes and coats you no longer wear

  5. Volunteer

           – Check out the volunteering options at your local animal shelter

           –  Help collect and hand out canned goods at your local food pantry

           – Go to your library and see what you can do there

If you aren’t sure how to get started volunteering, most cities have a volunteer center you can call or go on their site to come up with more ideas.

Or, make up your own volunteer job. When I was younger, I knew I wanted to do something, but I didn’t know what that “something” was.  So, I called a local senior center and asked if I could volunteer there. The next week I started reading books to the seniors. It wasn’t something that was on a list, but it was something that they really enjoyed (and I did too).  So, don’t be afraid to go after something that interests you, even if you don’t think it’s an option.

Don’t be overwhelmed with the idea of volunteering.  It doesn’t mean you have to do it all the time. It can consist of a few minutes, an hour a week, once every couple months, or whatever feels good to you.

 The thing that matters is getting out there and doing something!


– ttfn G –    &   – NBL V –


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