Dear Mom & Dad, Being a Teenager is Hard

Being a Teenager is Hard


Here is a letter to parents sent to us from an anonymous teenager.

Dear mom and dad,

Being a teenager is hard and we seem like we live on different continents. Here are some things I want you to know.

I want you to listen.
I want you to understand.
I want you to pay attention.
I want you to remember what it felt like to be a teen.
I want you to know about my life, but you ask at the wrong times and when I try to tell you, you seem distracted.
Do you know that I’m hurting?
Do you know that when I’m rude or when I yell it’s my way of saying I’m here and I need you?
I need hugs even when I act like I don’t
I need everything to make sense, because it doesn’t.
I need you to realize that I have pressures too and when it all builds up in my head it gets confused and comes out in a not so pretty way.
When you talk to me all I hear is yelling and all you hear is what you consider talking back. It’s like we are both speaking different languages and we need a translator.
If I shut down and avoid the world I’m not being a brat, I might be depressed.
My life is hard right now, so please don’t make it seem less than it is. Even if you know it’s just the hormones or it will get better blah blah. I don’t care right now, to me it sucks.
I don’t want your solution; I need to figure out my own solutions.
Don’t embarrass me because you find it funny, it still hurts me.
I do love you, but back off a little.


Your Teenager

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