Are You Afraid to Cry?

Afraid to Cry

Are you afraid to cry?

Do you feel silly letting tears slip down your face?

Are you worried people will think you are too emotional?

Do you only cry in private, but still feel like a baby for crying?

If you answered no to those questions then you get it.


If you answered yes to any of those questions, I want you to go ahead and cry.

Have you ever heard the expression “having a good cry”?
Good cry?
It implies that crying is good. Can that be? Is it true?

Why, yes, yes it is.

When you are feeling emotional or stressed, let it out. If you feel like crying then let the waterworks flow. No matter what kind of crier you are, little tear droplets or big crocodile tears, water and snot running all down your face kind of tears, let them out.

Crying is a great way to lower stress and bring up your mood. To release all the emotional pressure that has built up inside of you.

Tears are said to flush out toxins.

Crying can help give you clarity. After a good cry your brain can feel less foggy. It might help you figure out something that has been on your mind.

Crying is a natural thing and you should not feel embarrassed about crying. Also we should not make others feel embarrassed or ashamed or silly for crying.

So let it out! Grab a box of tissues and bawl like a baby.
Have a good cry once in a while.

If you find yourself crying every day for long periods of time. That could be more than just a good cry. Still nothing to be ashamed of, but it could be signs of something different. You should talk to your parents, counselor or doctor if you find yourself crying all the time.

Let the tears start to fall!

– NBL V –

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