Dear Hope: Can I Have More Than One Friend?

Dear Hope,

I don’t know what to do about my best friend Lisa.  We have been friends for a long time and I want us to always be best friends.  Cuz were gonna go to college together and stuff.  See cuz we both want to be teachers and we can share a dorm and it will be just perfect.  Now I’m worried cuz she has been different lately, she always tells me what to do.  When we go to the movies she always picks it.  She told me she was my only best friend and I don’t need any more friends.  She is my only BFF, but I have other friends.  Not like I want to share a dorm room with them, but I like talking to them.  What can I do should I let her just make the decisions is that what friends do?  Can you only have one friend?

–       Only Friend?

Dear Only Friend,

That’s awesome that you and Lisa are best friends, but you are not the same person.  Even though you have a lot of the same interest, it does not mean everything has to be the same.  Be confident with who you are and let her know when you don’t agree.  A good friend will respect your opinions and thoughts.  Take turns picking the movies or the pizza toppings.

Also, you can definitely have more than one friend. Having another friend does not mean you won’t be her best friend anymore.  Maybe she feels like you won’t hang out with her anymore.  Just let her know that she will always be your friend, but that you have other friends too.  Your other friends don’t make her any less important.

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