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2 Tips to Discovering What Makes You Passionate



Whether you are just starting high school, already coming down with senioritis, or headed to college, this is a time full of new adventures and possibilities.

This is your moment to figure out what makes you passionate and then go for it!

It could be figuring out which sport you want to play, choosing a college major, or answering that dreaded question: what are you going to do with your life. This is your time to discover the things you want in life and find what makes your heart happy.

But what if you don’t know exactly what gives you those warm and fuzzy feelings?

Here are two tips that will help you figure out what you love and what makes you passionate.

Tip 1: Dream with absolutely no limitations.

Answer this question: If you could do literally anything, what would you do?
As a recent high school graduate, I have been relying on this tip A LOT. I was definitely not the person who had their whole life plan laid out. You know those people who have known what they want be since they were 5….yeah, no. Not me. So, I had to dream, not just little dreams, big dreams. Now when I say dream with no limitations, I seriously mean it. Dream with nothing holding you back! Dream like you’re a little kid again. Remember back when you were a crazy little kid and you truly believed you could be a ninja princess? A fairy doctor? President? Dream like that, dream while your awake, dream with the idea that anything is possible. Don’t be afraid of what comes out of your head and your heart. It will tell you a lot about who you are and what you actually want. You can figure out the details later. For now, just let your dreams guide you.

Tip 2: Try Out New Things

How do you know what you like unless you give it a try? This tip was super helpful for me. Like most of my friends, I had a basic idea of what interested me, but I wasn’t 100% sure about what I loved. So I tried different things that sounded interesting. I discovered some things that I really love (like writing and volunteering) but beyond that, I got some awesome experience. Not everything I tried turned out to be my passion, but I put myself out there, made new friends, and gained more confidence.


This is a great big world filled with endless possibilities. Don’t be limited by what other people deem acceptable. Don’t determine your passions by what you think is comfortable and safe. Just because you haven’t done something before doesn’t mean you aren’t capable of it.

These 2 tips are not about putting a label on your dreams or what you want to do in life. They are about realizing that the possibilities are infinite. You get to discover what makes you happy and run after it. Dream, try new things, discover, and have fun with it!

Be willing to dream like literally anything is possible and be willing to give your passions a try. When you do that, you can figure out what your heart truly wants.

– ttfn G –

Dear Hope: Party Pooper

Dear Hope,
Is it weird to not like parties and to not go to many parties when you’re 15? My friends all seem to be doing it and I feel like I should but the last one I went to I had a panic attack, I feel like I’m missing out
– Party Pooper

Dear Party Pooper,

No, it is not weird to not like parties; we are individuals for a reason. If you are not going because you don’t like them that that is perfectly fine. You might feel like you are missing something, but you can have fun doing other things with your friends. If you are not going because you are nervous and you have panic attacks then I think you need to address that.
Think about what makes you panic. What about the situation triggers the attack? Try to think through the situation before you are in it. Why are you anxious about going to the parties? What can you do to become less nervous? If you walk into a party and feel anxious, try going outside for a little while, walk around, and calm down before trying again. Try to have a plan before you go to the next party. A panic attack is just excess adrenaline that runs through your body so taking deep slow breaths can be a big help. You are not alone in this; many people have panic attacks. I have panic attacks when I have to do public speaking.

If these panic attacks become too much to handle you should go see a doctor.

Parties or not you deserve to have fun, so don’t let these panic attacks stop you from your life.

Why You Should Relate to the Lotus Flower

Lotus Flower

I Googled “meaning of the lotus flower” and I thought what popped up is pretty awesome, so I have to share it with you.

This is what I found:
The lotus flower has the ability to grow in muddy water and bloom without any mud on it. It literally rises above its murky environment and blooms into something beautiful, strong, and completely clean.
I also learned that water easily slides off its petals.

Everyone reading this (and the girl writing this) has been through some sort of “muddy water”. We all know what it is like to experience a bad environment or negativity.

Think about it. This flower is pretty much saying that even if you have been sitting in mud, even if you have been struggling with everything going on around you, you can still bloom beautiful and strong.

Did you just relate to a flower? Yes, yes you did.

It doesn’t give a crap about the muck surrounding it. The lotus flower lets the dirty water slide right off its petals. It has bigger plans. It doesn’t let the mud around it determine what its life looks like.

I want to be more like the lotus flower. I want to emerge from any situation as myself.

When you find yourself in a bad environment or surrounded by negativity, remember the lotus flower. Let all the nasty stuff slide right off.

You are strong.
You are beautiful.
You are amazing.

– ttfn G –

Dear Hope: Jumbo Feet

Jumbo Feet

Dear Hope,
Every year I dread going back to school, because I have the biggest feet around. They are so huge and disgusting. All my friends want to go get their toes done before school starts and I don’t want to go. I don’t know what to say to them. I wear a size 11 ugh can you believe it. How can I live with these feet?
– Jumbo Feet

Dear Jumbo Feet,

There is nothing wrong with wearing a size 11 shoe. Be proud of who you are, feet and all. Your friends asked you to go get your toes done with them because they are your friends. They like you just the way you are.

You are not alone. Feet are growing; the average size for women has increased and shoe stores carry larger sizes now.

Some people that understand how you feel:
Size 10: Heidi Klum
Size 11: Paris Hilton
Size 11: Kate Winslet
Size 11 ½ First lady Michelle Obama
Size 12: Elle Macpherson
Size 13: 17 year old, Olympic Swimmer Missy Franklin

My Top 10 Tips for Better Body Image

My 10 Tips To Better Body Image


It is time to embrace who you are, and time to start accepting your body!

Easy right? If it were easy, we would have no need for photoshopped magazine covers or eating disorders (hmmmm just dreaming of that world for a sec).

Lets get started loving our bodies!

It’s not easy, but I have a few things you can try. These are the tips I use when I am struggling with negative body image.

Here are my top 10 tips for better body image:

TIP #10
Admire people for what they do, not what they look like-

Who are your role models and why do you like them? Do you like them because of the way they look or because you appreciate who they are? Look for good role models that are concerned about the world, people, or their talent, instead of being fixated on their bodies and looks.

TIP #9
Make a list-

Take some time to make a list of the things you like about yourself. Don’t focus on how your body looks, focus on the amazing things your body does for you – breathing, running, dancing, etc. Also, write down the things that reflect who you are. Put down as many things as you can. This might be hard at first, especially if you do not feel good about yourself, but keep trying until you have something written down. You can always add to the list. There are many wonderful things about you. Some ideas- maybe you are a good writer or a great friend, maybe you’re funny, good at football or great at doing yoga.

TIP #8

Eat your fruits and vegetables. When you feed your body good foods, your body responds in a positive way. For normal growth and development, you need to feed your body nutritious foods. Be a teen, eat your pizza and fast food sometimes, but throw in some veggies.

TIP #7

Exercising for at least 30 minutes a day can lower your stress, improve your sleep and improve your overall attitude towards yourself. We are not talking about hard core working out, just get your bodies moving. Get up and dance, go for a run, or play basketball with some friends. Find something that you like and start moving.

TIP #6
Don’t use negative self-talk-

Pay attention to how you talk to yourself. Don’t fill your own head will negative thoughts. When you look in the mirror, give yourself compliments. Read your list out loud while looking in the mirror. Tell yourself that you are worth it and that you love yourself. Yes, as awkward as it is, do it, say “I love you” to yourself. Put notes on your mirror to remind yourself that you love you and you are beautiful.

TIP #5
Don’t believe everything you read or see in the media-

There is always a television show or magazine telling you how you should look. These shows and ads have a purpose: get you to buy their products. Their goal is to make you believe you need what they are selling, so they try to convince you that you have something wrong. No one is perfect, not even the people in ads or magazine pictures. They have good lighting, great editing, and Photoshop is their best friend. Stop believing them. Look for articles that highlight all body types, ones that celebrate everyone.

Tip #4
Walk away from the mirror or put down that magazine–

I know I said in tip 6 to look in the mirror and tell yourself you love yourself, and you should. I know I also said in tip 5 to simply just ignore the magazine ads that are negative, and again, you should. However, sometimes it is just not that easy. Sometimes you are going to have bad day where it’s hard to look in a mirror, it’s hard to stay positive. Don’t worry! Don’t feel bad, we all have those days. On these days put down the magazine that is bothering you. Step away from the mirror. But as you do that, remember it’s just a bad day. You can still say you love you and still know that you and your body are worth loving.

Tip #3
Put filters on your ears and mouth-

Put filters on your ears in case your peers say anything negative. Do not let negative words get in your head, don’t soak it in. People talk, people will always talk, usually because they have their own insecurities. This brings me to putting a filter on your mouth. Watch how you talk about other people. Remember you don’t want to be judged and neither do they.

Tip #2
Be confident-

Confidence is such an important part of maintaining a healthy body image. Work every day at learning to respect yourself and your body. You are less likely to be-harmful to yourself when you respect your body. When you leave your house in the morning or walk into a room hold your head up and believe in yourself. You are beautiful.



Tip #1

This is the biggest tip of all. BE YOU! You are the only you. You will be with you forever so respect yourself and treat yourself well. Embrace who you are, embrace your body.

Appreciate and respect all that your body can do.

Celebrate instead of hate!
Start accepting your body!

“You protect your being when you love yourself better. That’s the secret.”
Isabelle Adjani

– NBL V –

Dear Hope: My Mom Read My Jounal


Dear Hope,

I came home from my friend’s house the other day to find my journal on my bed.  I always keep it hidden so I knew my mom had read it.  I flipped out, screamed at her and have not talked to her since.  My whole life was in there, why would she do that.  Now what should I do?

– Privacy Gone

Dear Privacy Gone,

It is hard having your privacy invaded, but don’t let that ruin your relationship with your mom.  You need to talk to her and find out why she read it.  Have you been hiding things from her? Parents need to know what is going on in your life.  When they feel shut out, they will go to any measure to find out what is going on, because they love you and they are responsible for you.  If this is the reason, make sure you share some things with your mom.  Let her know how your life is going so she won’t feel the need to go snooping.

If she has no reason and just decided to read it, then talk to her about respecting your privacy.  Let her know that you will share things with her, but sometimes you just want a private place to write your own personal thoughts. Ask her not to read it (yes, that should be understood, but maybe it wasn’t).

Definitely find a new hiding place.  Don’t stay mad too long. Parents do crazy things too.




Who am I?

who amWho am I?

 I am someone who has hated myself and cried.

I am someone who has been happy and laughed aloud.

I am someone who has been confused, wondering who I am, or what I am doing.

I am someone who has had it figured out, but most times not.

I am someone who has been a good friend and a not so good friend.

I am someone who had been jealous and needy.

I am someone who has been depressed and has self-harmed.

I am someone who has loved, been loved, and lost love.

I am someone who has been myself, then tried to be someone else and then myself again.

I am someone who wakes up every day to start over, or wakes up excited for another day like the last.

Who am I?


I am you!  I am her!  I am him!  I am me!




We all breath, we all bleed, we all hurt, we all feel   We are all human. 


Dear Hope: Does He Need a Condom?

Dear Hope,

My BF and I have been dating for about 9 months.  We have been having sex for about the last three months.  So far he has always worn a condom, but now he doesn’t want to.  He says it doesn’t feel good.  We did it once a without one I didn’t feel the difference during sex, but I worried I would get pregnant.  Thankfully I didn’t, but I still worry.  Does it feel better for him and should I just be ok with that?

  • Unsure

 Dear Unsure,

If you are going to have sex, he needs to wear a condom.  No matter how it feels to him, it will feel a lot worse if either one of you gets a STI (Sexually Transmitted Diseases – General Information) or an unwanted pregnancy.  You should make it very clear that you will not have sex unless he is wearing one.

Here is a site with a lot of helpful info. Teens Condom Tips