Dear Hope: Does He Need a Condom?

Dear Hope,

My BF and I have been dating for about 9 months.  We have been having sex for about the last three months.  So far he has always worn a condom, but now he doesn’t want to.  He says it doesn’t feel good.  We did it once a without one I didn’t feel the difference during sex, but I worried I would get pregnant.  Thankfully I didn’t, but I still worry.  Does it feel better for him and should I just be ok with that?

  • Unsure

 Dear Unsure,

If you are going to have sex, he needs to wear a condom.  No matter how it feels to him, it will feel a lot worse if either one of you gets a STI (Sexually Transmitted Diseases – General Information) or an unwanted pregnancy.  You should make it very clear that you will not have sex unless he is wearing one.

Here is a site with a lot of helpful info. Teens Condom Tips




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