Dear Hope: Football Forever


Dear Hope,
My mom wants me to quit football. She heard that high school football coaches can be super tough and the players get hurt. Since then she has been on me to leave the team, especially since my friend broke his finger during a game. I’m trying not to get pissed off, but I’m not quitting. Why did she let me sign up in the first place? I can’t let my team down, plus my coach is not like that. How do I get her to let me stay on the team?
– Football Forever

Dear Football Forever,
Don’t get angry. Instead, calm down and figure out a solution. Talk to your mom and hear her out; let her explain what’s making her nervous. Really listen to her and then ask her to listen to you. Talk to her about your coach; maybe even suggest she talk to your coach. One point you might want to bring up is that she originally let you sign up and you don’t want to break the commitment you have made. Tell her you understand her concerns and that if you start to feel the coach being too tough, you will definitely talk to her.

Show her that you are being responsible and thinking through your decisions.

Good luck and let us know how it turns out.

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