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Super Thankful


Hello everyone!

We are in a very thankful mood today.

We are so thankful to everyone who reads our blog!

Thank you for being who you are. We are so glad that we have gotten to know all of you.
We are thankful for everyone’s unique thoughts and opinions because they make this world a beautiful and interesting place.
We are thankful for the air that we all breathe and for every new day that offers new possibilities.

Tell us what you are thankful for!

– ttfn G –  &  – NBL V –

The Key to an Awesome Friendship

the key to friendship


You will probably encounter different kinds of friends in your life. There are the friends that you hang out with every once in a while, the social media friends (I hardly know half of those people), and the friends you can’t live without.

Great friends, the kind you can’t live without, will always be there for you.

They will not only be there to listen to you when you are having a hard time, but they will be there to speak up for you when you need someone on your side. They are the ones who will encourage and support you through your dumbest mistakes and best successes. They will make fun of you along the way, but it’s all out of love.

But what is the key to an awesome friendship?

The key to an awesome friendship is: Being a friend back!

If you have a friend that supports you, then you need to support THEM. If they listen to you, then make sure you listen to THEM. That is how you build good relationships with your friends.
Do you have friends like that in your life?

I am my dorky, awkward, sarcastic self around my best friends. We can laugh hysterically together. But we can also tell each other anything and we always have each other’s backs.

Do you have friends that you can totally be yourself with? My best friend knows that I am a complete nerd and she loves me for it (even when I dance awkwardly in public).

What if you don’t know anyone like that?

If you don’t know someone like that, the awesome friend must be you.

That’s right. YOU can be that kind of friend to someone. Listen to them. Be there for them. Laugh with them. Support them. Show them what a good friend looks like. You have a chance to change someone’s life by just being friends with them. You may think that is ridiculous, but I dare you to try it. Find someone who needs friendship and just be there. They might turn out to be an awesome best friend. I dared you, now you have to do it!

– ttfn G –

Dear Hope: Can I Work with My Best Friend?

best friend

Dear Hope,
Last year my best friend and I made some bracelets just for fun and they turned out great. We wore them at school and people wanted to buy them. We have been making and selling them since. We are putting together a website so we can sell them all over and not just at school. We’ve been having fun, but as we get bigger I’m afraid we will start fighting. I need advice on working with my best friend.
– Bracelet Besties

Dear Bracelet Besties,
First, let me say how exciting it is to hear about your business! You must be so proud of yourselves. If you and your friend are getting along now, there is no reason to believe that you will start fighting. Expanding your business will bring some new challenges, but you already have a great start. Remember; keep the business end of things professional, do not bring personal stuff into it. But, you are still best friends, so don’t forget to just hang out and have fun too. If problems come up, talk about it right away and work it out. Make sure you both agree on all the decisions you make.

I am so excited for you both. When you get your website up send us, an email and we will share it with everyone.


Stop Wasting Time on Someone Who Doesn’t Give You Their Time

Stop wasting time

Have you ever changed the way you acted to get someone’s attention?

Is there a certain guy or girl that you want to impress? Do you still feel like no matter how much you do, you still aren’t really getting their attention? Have you ever made an effort to be a part of someone’s life who doesn’t seem to want to be a part of yours?

Stop wasting your time on someone who doesn’t give you their time.

If someone wants to be a part of your life, they will make an effort to be in it.

You are a wonderful, unique, deserving person and you deserve something genuine and equal.

Don’t waste your time trying to impress someone who won’t give their time to you. Don’t just be what that guy you like wants if it isn’t what you want. Don’t worry about impressing friends that don’t give you the same attention in return. If you are giving someone your time, make sure you are getting their time in return.
You should never have to work hard to impress someone who genuinely wants and deserves your friendship or relationship.

You want the kind of people in your life that like you for who you truly are and give you the kind of attention that you give them.

You are pretty amazing. You are worth someone’s genuine time and attention.

-ttfn G –

Dear Hope: I Need Money

No Money

Dear Hope,
I need money! I have a part-time job, but never seem to have money. My friends and I meet on Fridays for coffee and gossip, but I can never afford it. I usually have to borrow from one of them or not go. It’s so frustrating. I really don’t have bills so I don’t know where the money is going. I really want to hang out with my friends, I need help with my money.
– Broke

Dear Broke,
It’s great that you have a part-time job, but not so great that the money just disappears without you knowing where. Part of having a job and money is to learn responsibility. You need to know where the money goes.
Two things:
1. For one week, keep track of what you spend. This will help you see exactly where the money goes. Then you can decide if there are areas where you can cut back. For example if you buy a new shirt every week, you can try buying one every other week. That will give you extra money each week. If you know that you want something big, save up for it, instead of buying it right away.
2. You already know that every Friday you go out to meet your friends, so prepare for that. You probably know how much you spend each week, so take that out. As soon as you get your check, take that amount out (maybe plus a few extra dollars) and put it aside. When Friday comes, you will be ready. The money won’t be in your wallet the rest of the week and won’t get spent. The only thing you will have to think about is choosing a latte.

Dear Hope: Should I Still Hook Up with My Ex?

phone 66

Dear Hope,
My BF just broke up, his choice, but he still calls me to hook up. I still like him, but I want to keep dating him not just hook up. What should I tell him?
– #thanksbutnothanks

Dear #thanksbutnothanks,
I think you just said it: Thanks But No Thanks. You need to tell him that you are not available for a hook up. Let him know that unless he wants to date and respect you, the answer is no. If you’re not comfortable hooking up because you have deeper feelings than that is your answer. Stay true to what you want.