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Goodbye 2014!

Goodbye 2014

Hello, friends!
It looks like this is going to be our last blog of the year. You will have to wait until next year to read from us. I know! How could you possibly wait that long? But don’t worry! Next year is just a day away!

It is time to say goodbye to 2014 and hello to a brand new, beautiful 2015!

But don’t just say goodbye. Take some time to look back on the year. Remember all of the good things that happened. Think about the crazy journey you have taken. Celebrate what you have accomplished, big or small.

While everyone is talking about the new year and their new plans, take a minute to think about the year that just passed and realize how far you have come.

You may not feel like you have accomplished anything this year, but you have. You have taken another huge step in your life and whatever happened this year has shaped the person you are and the person you are becoming. That is huge.

As I write this, I am realizing how awesome that is. I need to realize that too.

Let’s rock the fact that we conquered another year and we have grown because of it.

This last year I have gotten to know and share with all of you and it has been amazing!

I am so excited to see where this next year takes us. Let’s go into the new year with open minds and open hearts.

Brace yourselves! 2015 here we come!

– ttfn G –

Do You Enjoy Getting Presents?

Getting Presents

Who wants presents?

 But are you really a good gift receiver?

A better question is: Do you need to get gifts?

Do you expect to get everything you want?
Of course you want everything you want. But do you expect to get everything that you want.

The sad reality is, no one owes you a gift. When people give you presents it is because they want to give them to you. But the amount of items you get does not determine how good of a holiday it is, and it DEFINITELY does not determine how much someone cares or loves you.
Gifts are fun! Unless it’s an itchy sweater from your crazy aunt…or that weird framed picture of your cousin. But they should be fun, so let them be fun. Don’t let items control you.
If you are worried that you won’t be cool if you don’t get those new sneakers, stop worrying. If you weren’t cool without the sneakers, sorry, but you won’t be cool with them.

Things don’t make you who you are.

So, if you don’t get everything that you want this year, it is OK! Don’t hyperventilate. Don’t cry. You will be fine, trust me.
Think about the meaning behind the gift. See that when someone gets you a gift, they are showing their love for you. Be a good receiver.
Remember, receiving a gift is not all about WHAT you get, but about the love behind the gifts.

– ttfn G –


Dear Hope: My Crush Wants to Hang Out and I’m Freaked

Dear Hope,
My crush asked me to hang out over Christmas break. What should I do? I want to but I’m so freaked out I Crush know I will screw it up. If I make excuses not to I’m afraid he will ask someone else.
– Screw up

Dear Screw Up,
Yay your crush wants to hang out. You should be excited, not freaked out. You’re only assuming you will screw it up. Plus, what you consider a screw up he might think is adorable. Go hang out and have fun. If you don’t, you might be disappointed later on. Maybe instead of it just being the two of you can make it a group thing. If you hang out in a group it can feel less intimidating. Plus, there’s more people as a distraction just in case there happens to be a small “screw up”. Enjoy yourself!

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot like…?

ChristmasIt’s beginning to look a lot like?

Feliz Navidad
Happy Hanukkah
Happy Kwanzaa
Merry Christmas
This time of year sucks
I love this time of year
Ooh lights and decorations
Bah Humbug

You might hear or say some of these words this time of year. It can be a time of high emotion. A time of excitement and joy or sadness and depression.

The best gifts you can give everyone you see are RESPECT and KINDNESS.

If the cheery over the top Christmas carol singing person annoys you. So what! They still deserve respect and kindness.
If you are that carol-loving person, keep singing, but share some kindness for those who do not feel the same way.

Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up with all the lights and decorations and to become lost in your own thoughts, but try to remember those around you.
Seeing decorations everywhere you go can be hard, especially if you are not someone who celebrates Christmas. Every store you walk into you are overwhelmingly reminded that what you believe is the minority.
If you or someone you know suffers from depression you may just want this time to fly by unnoticed no matter what you believe in.

For the rest of this year, when you go out to eat or shop, remember that everyone has his or her own thoughts, feelings and beliefs. Everyone is experiencing this season in different ways. There is no way to know everyone’s situations.

The thing that unites us all is that we are all human. We can be kind and give our respect to everyone we encounter.

– NBL V –  &  – ttfn G –

Dear Hope: I Don’t Want to Move

Dear Hope,
We are moving over Christmas break to a new city whichDon't want to move means a new school. I don’t want to move, but I have no say. I’m worried about meeting new people and coming in half way. I’m not thrilled about leaving my best friend either, but she is helping me move and will come visit. I don’t have many other friends so that’s not a problem. I’m pretty shy so I’m nervous. How will it work out?
– Stephanie

Dear Stephanie,
Christmas break is a very popular time for people to move; you probably will not be the only new person starting. Take advantage of that. On your first day try to meet someone else that is new. You can help each other out. Walk into that school with confidence and you will have friends in no time. Hold your head up high and smile at everyone. Walk up to someone and start a conversation. You can say you just moved here and were wondering where the mall is or what do they do for fun.

Good luck and let us know how it goes!

Dear Hope: I’m Worried Something is Wrong With Me

testicles Dear Hope,
I’m worried that something is wrong with me. My right testicle is a little bigger. Is that a problem?
– J

Dear J,
It’s normal for one testicle to be slightly bigger. It is also normal if one testicle hangs lower than the other. You should see a doctor if there is a large size difference. Also, if you ever have pain or feel a lump in your testicles you should go to your doctor to it check out. But a small size difference is perfectly normal.