You Matter Challenge Week 5: Believe in Yourself

you matter challenge

Hello my amazing challengers!

This has been an awesome You Matter Challenge! I can’t believe we are already on our last week.

The best part of these challenges we’ve done is that they don’t end here. Recognizing how special you are, letting go of what others think, and helping others are things that should carry through your whole year.
The challenge is almost over, but I am going to keep challenging myself to use the things I’ve learned through the last few weeks.

Last Week: You Matter Challenge Week 4: Do Something for Someone Else
Last week was all about doing things for other people. I loved last week! Watching people’s faces light up when you give them a compliment or offer some help is so fun.

I got a great message from one of our challengers, Vanessa, saying that she actually took a day to collect canned goods to bring to her local food pantry. She even got her friends involved.
This is part of the message Vanessa sent me: “I realized that I had the power to create change in my community. My friends and I actually had a lot of fun hanging out and doing something good. The best part was knowing the food we collected would be helping families that need it. We are actually gonna do it again next month.”

I loved hearing that! Whether you are collecting food, complimenting people, or helping your friend through a tough time, you are making a difference.

But now on to our last challenge of 2015!

Challenge #5
Believe in yourself.

Okay, that one is cheesy even for me. But that’s the challenge. Sometimes I think believing in yourself can be more challenging than it should be. It is also more important than we realize.

Believing in yourself gives you incredible power. This week, believe that you are capable of great things. Believe that you are special. Believe that you have what it takes. Believe that you are amazing.

Comment and tell me how the challenge has been going for you! Let me know that you believe in yourself and what makes you awesome!

– ttfn G –

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