Dear Hope: Studying All the Time

Dear Hope,Studying
Let me start by saying I’m a good kid. I do everything my parents want. I never get in trouble and I always help at home and with my brothers. I get straight A’s at school and I study all the time. That’s the problem I study ALL the time. When I have free time it’s just for studying. I really want to play soccer, but my parents say I don’t have time because I need to study. How much more can I study I get a’s already. I’m ready to explode. I don’t want to make them mad, but enough already. How can I get them to back off.
– Studyaholic

Dear Studyaholic,
It sounds like it’s time to have a talk with your parents. Parents want the best for their kids, but sometimes they go overboard. They don’t realize how much they are pushing, so it’s up to you to let them know how you are feeling.
• Have a plan of what you want to say
• Make your points in a calm way
• Do not argue
• Listen to what they have to say
• Try to come to a compromise
Remind them that you are a good kid doing the best that you can. Explain that you are feeling pressure to study all the time. Propose a compromise, maybe you can suggest that they let you try playing soccer for one month. Let them know that you will keep getting good grades and continue helping at home. When the month is up you can reevaluate. Show them that you are responsible. You should be able to continue playing soccer if your grades don’t suffer.

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