Your Powerful Secret


There is something amazing inside of you. Something that allows you to accomplish anything.

It is your powerful secret!

You have the CAPABILITY to choose what your life looks like.

The best part about it: you have the power to make it all happen. YOU can turn your dreams into realities!
I will be honest, there are many circumstances that will definitely get in the way. They will make things difficult, or scary. They may try to discourage you or knock you out, but YOU have the power to overcome them.
Your life is worth it.

There will be people in your life that will try to make you unhappy; be happy anyways. Prove to those people, prove to your circumstances, and prove to yourself that you are unstoppable.
Show those friends that try to tear you down. Show your parents. Show everyone, the amazing, talented, unstoppable person you are. Don’t let that negativity win.
You are the champion in your life.

Remind yourself that you are stronger than the people who try to break you down.

You deserve happiness! You deserve success!
The best part is: you are CAPABLE of those things.

I know it doesn’t always feel that way. I get discouraged all the time. But I have realized that feeling discouraged is only part of the process. It isn’t the destination.

When life starts to feel impossible or discouraging REMEMBER: You DESERVE GREATNESS. You are CAPABLE of GREATNESS

When the negative noise around you is loud, let the voice within you SCREAM out that you are champion of your life. Because you are.
I want to hear you say it! Comment bellow and say “I AM CAPABLE”!

– ttfn G –

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