OBOH Spotlight: Teddy’s New Bear

OBOH Spotlight


This month’s spotlight is on: Teddy’s New Bear


Teddy’s New Bear is a blog about a little bit of everything. She posts about her life as a teenager, thoughts and opinions, tips, books, and anything else on her mind. I love reading her blog! It is always interesting and positive.

I seriously recommend reading her posts and leaving her lots of comments!

Some of my favorite things she is posting about right now is her 18 Things To Do Before I Turn 18 and her Meaningful Mondays

Not only does she have a blog (you should definitely read) she has a YouTube page: That Bear Next Door
On her blog, she talks about music being a huge part of her life. You can see her love of music when you visit her YouTube page. Her page is full of awesome covers. She even plays the guitar! Go and check out her YouTube page….right now.

Show Teddy’s New Bear some love!!

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– ttfn G –    -NBL V –


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