5 Ways Your Perspective is Messing with Your Life


How do you see the world? Do you walk through life with colored glasses on?

There is an expression about seeing the world through rose-colored glasses. It means that you see life as rosy or perfect and you have an optimistic perspective on life. I guess that’s not a bad thing, to always see the world as rosy and happy. I will take a guess and say that most people don’t see the world that way. But chances are you see things through some type of perspective.

Many of us are walking through life with colored glasses on. What color do we see through?

Is your perspective messing with your life?

1. The Blue – Accept me glasses:

If you wear these glasses, you look at the world from someone else’s eyes. You see judgment and disapproval. Wearing these glasses, you will always feel the need to fit in. You feel like you need to be accepted any way you can. Maybe by changing your look or your personality. Maybe being the best at school or sports.

2. The Hot Pink – All about me glasses:

Instead of seeing the world from your peer’s eyes, you see it only from yours. You only see yourself, and your needs. Everything is about you and everyone should know it. From your perspective, conversations, decisions, and people should all focus on you.

3. The Red – I Need A Relationship Glasses:

Wearing these glasses will leave you feeling sad and lonely. Unless of course you have a relationship. As long as you have that relationship, you feel whole. Without it, you don’t know who you are. You view your life and self-worth through someone being in love with you. You always need have a boyfriend or girlfriend.

4. The Yellow – Scaredy cat glasses:

These glasses make you see fear. Taking chances looks too risky because the consequences could be too big. Better to be safe than sorry and not do or try anything.

5. The Black – The world’s against me and everything sucks glasses:

These glasses make you see everything as a negative. You might assume everyone hates you and wants to see you suffer. You’re jealous of everything and everyone. You think your parents and teachers are probably against you. No matter what happens, you feel it is usually your fault.

Do any of those glasses feel familiar to you?

If the answer is yes, then they can be skewing your reality. No matter what color you wear, you are not looking at the world with a clear view and probably perceive things differently.

How we see the world plays a big part in how we react to it. Anytime we distort our sight, it makes it hard to see things for what they truly are. Some perspectives help us to see things in a new way, but some can negatively affect the way we feel about everything around us.

We all wear colored glasses at times, but knowing how they affect us can help us see a little better.

– ttfn G –     – NBL V –

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