Dear Hope: I Like Him, But…

Dear Hope,I like him
I like this boy at my church. I really, really want to be friends with him, but I am really shy around boys I like. I am scared my face will get red, I will say something wrong, or I will fall right on my face. I am even scared of meeting eye contact. I don’t know, if I even have the guts to talk to him. Any help?
– Anonymous

Dear Anonymous,
Everyone gets nervous sometimes, especially when talking to someone you like. I understand you are shy, but he is still just a person. I think trying to be friends with him is a great idea. Take a deep breath before you go to talk to him. Be yourself and talk to him as you would any friend. Yes, you might fall or say something weird, but who cares! I’m sure he is a nice person or you wouldn’t even like him.

Things to remember:
You will survive no matter what happens.

If you say something odd, just laugh it off and try again.

Be yourself! Don’t act like something you’re not. You want him to get to know the real you.

Figure out what you want to say before you approach him. Maybe talk about something that is going on in church. Something you are both involved in.

If he acts weird or ignores you then brush it off. Don’t feel bad or blame yourself. He doesn’t really know you either yet. His reaction is totally on him, not you. He may even be just as nervous.

If you never talk to him, you might miss out on a really great friend.

You’ve got this! Go for it!

Thank you for being brave and sending in your question.

Dear Hope

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