5 Letters That Will Change Your Life

Lovable and capable

I Am Lovable And Capable

The acronym (the letters) IALAC stand for I Am Lovable And Capable. We should learn this. We should know it. We are all lovable and capable. We need to own it. Capable does not mean perfection. When you put your best self forward or do your best, you were capable in that moment.

When you first wake up,
When you look in the mirror,
Before you go to bed,
Or anytime you need to hear it
tell yourself IALAC – I Am Lovable And Capable.

The next time you are feeling down on yourself:
Stop! Take a breath. Remind yourself of who you are.

Being capable means:
• Knowing that when you’re having trouble figuring something out, it’s ok to start over and try again.
• You know when you need help and when to ask questions.
• You stop and cool off before getting in a fight.
• Understanding you don’t have to be perfect.
• You can accept that other people’s actions have nothing to do with you.
• You are yourself.
Your life is your choice.
Choose success!
Choose good self-image.
Remember everything takes practice.
Practice loving yourself every day, every second of everyday.

IALAC – I Am Lovable And Capable.
I believe you are!
Now, you have to believe it too.

– NBL V –

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