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Dear Hope: Ready to Be Single

Dear Hope,Ready to be single
I’m dating this great guy. I couldn’t ask for a better boyfriend. The problem is I don’t want a boyfriend. I’m not gay, I don’t want a girlfriend I just want to be single. I’m going into my senior year in the fall and I want to be free. I want time to figure myself out and just be me before I graduate and go to college. I don’t know how to tell him. I’m afraid I will hurt him. What should I do?
– ReadyToBeSingle

Dear ReadyToBeSingle,
You should be so proud of yourself. Proud that you are following what you know is true for you. It takes courage to listen to your needs and take the steps towards achieving them. Your senior year is a great time to do this. Have fun being single.

On to the hard part, telling your boyfriend.
When you talk to him be gentle, but honest. Explain how you are feeling. Let him know he is a great person and it has nothing to do with who he is. Explain that you are not leaving him for another guy; you are doing this for yourself. Talk to him about your goals for your senior year. Help him to understand your reasons for ending the relationship at this time.

If he is not ready to be single, he may not take it so well. He may feel rejected. He has not had time to prepare for this so it may be a shock. Be understanding and reassuring. Keep reminding him what a great guy he is.

You are doing what is best for you.

Be gentle when telling your boyfriend.
Have a blast being you!
Rock your senior year!

Thank you for being brave and sending in your question.

Dear Hope

Create Joy in a Stressful Week

Create Joy


I was about to have the most stressful week ever! Or so I thought….

Papers due.


Big finals to study for.

Crazy hours at work.

I know everyone can relate!

Last week was a disaster waiting to happen.   But I had an idea!

A week of little treats.

I would treat myself to one thing I enjoy every day.

Of course, I still have homework, tests, and work. Could I turn this stressful week into a fun week?

My mission: Create Joy in a Stressful Week


Monday: Favorite Drink

Monday was super busy. I had classes all morning and work right after school. I had just enough time to stop for one of my favorite drinks. I had to drink it in the car, but it was still a brief moment of heaven.Creating Joy


Frozen deliciousness!

Tuesday: Doing my Nails

On Tuesday, I had classes until noon. After that, it was time to get a head start on a big pile of hoCreating Joymework. I decided I could write my paper in between coats of polish. It worked perfectly! Writing gave my nails time to dry. Doing my nails gave me much needed little homework breaks. Just having my nails done will make me happy all week.

I have been scrolling through Pinterest drooling over all the amazing nail art. But I’m going to be honest with you… they look really hard and I got lazy. Hey, this week is about my joy. My peach and purple painted nails are making me happy!


Wednesday: Jane Austen Creating Joy

This was another crazy busy day. Not only did I want need to get some studying in, I had my big presentation (nailed it!) and had to work pretty much all day. After getting home late, I was pretty certain I had already failed my mission. When would I have time to do something I love?

I finally got a chance to cozy up in bed and just read. Reading is one of my absolute favorite things to do. Okay, I studied a little too, but this was still the perfect end to the day!


Jane Austen saved the day!

Thursday: Be an Artist

I seriously enjoy pretending I am an artist. I got home from a long day of finals and pulled out some paint and brushes. I decided to do something I love in between finishing up my last paper. Painting is so fun and relaxing. Instead of stressing about my paper, or obsessing over what grades I got on my finals, I just painted.

Creating Joy

Bro, where did your Van Gogh?

Creating Joy

Friday: I Want Candy!

Working again, (my bosses must really love me). The day went by in a blur. I worked all day and weird, random things kept happening. When in doubt, eat candy. So that is what I did. I snacked on some yummy Reese’s Pieces while I was at work.


What is your favorite candy? 

Saturday: Food and Friends

I had to work all day Saturday. But, I got this wonderful little break in the day called lunch. So, I went out to eat with my best friend. We got to talk, laugh and eat some tasty food. Friends and food bring serious joy to my life.

Creating Joy


Friends and Fries! What more could you ask for?

Sunday: Movie and Slippers 

Something magical happened on Sunday night. I had nothing to do!
It was time to cozy up with a movie at home. Bliss.

Creating Joy
I decided to watch the Fault in our Stars again (apparently I was in the mood for an emotional rollercoaster). If you have not yet seen this movie, you MUST watch it. Actually, if you have already seen it go ahead and watch it again. You know you want to.
I got some tissues ready and put on my favorite fuzzy slipper socks. I love these slipper socks. Just look at those adorable little faces! They are so soft and fluffy. You need these slippers in your life. Trust me.

This was an awesome end to my week.

My mission: Creating Joy in a Stressful Week



At the end of the week, I realized adding treats into a busy week can be easy. My schedule didn’t change. My homework still had to get done. But I set my mind on having a good week.
Instead of stressing, I chose to have a positive outlook on the whole week.

I chose joy!

If you have an annoying or stressful week coming up, remember there are always easy ways to bring joy into it.
Don’t forget to do the things that make you smile.

No matter what your schedule holds, choose joy and have some fun!

– ttfn G –

Dear Hope: I’m Totally Crushing

Dear Hope,Crushing
I’m totally crushing. He is so yum and I am so into him, but I’m not quite sure if he is into me. How can I tell if he remotely likes me? We always talk after school and I want more, but I just don’t know if he feels the same.
– Crushing

Dear Crushing,
Crushing on someone can be exciting. But not knowing if they like you back can drive you crazy. The number one way for you to find out is to ask him. Okay, easier said than done, so here are some signs that might show he likes you.
• He tries to find reasons to talk to you.
• You catch him always looking at you.
• He thinks everything you say is adorable or cute.
• He talks about things he knows you like.
• He brags about himself. He wants you to know that he’s a great catch.
If he is doing any of these there is a good chance, he is into you. Let him know how you feel. Good luck

Does anyone have experience with this? Do you have any tips for Crushing? It’s always great to hear other thoughts.

Thank you for being brave and sending in your question.

dear hope

Thank You for Making a Difference

Teen Homelessness

Thank you for being amazing!

A few weeks ago, we posted about a topic that is close to our hearts, Teen Homelessness: The Heartbreaking Reality You Can’t Ignore. Our hope was to bring attention to a serious issue that affects too many teens.

Thanks to your likes, comments, and shares we are not only spreading awareness, but we were able to donate food and clothing!


Homeless Teens

Your support has been amazing! We are truly grateful for the impact you are making!

We are not stopping here. Our next goal is to bring toiletries to a shelter for homeless teens!

Easy ways you can help:
– Spread the word! Keep the conversation going.
– Donate food, clothing or toiletries to your local shelters or food pantries.
– Keep sharing and liking these posts on teen homelessness. For every like, share, or comment we make a donation!

Together we are making a difference!


– ttfn G –  – NBL V –

Dear Hope: My Boyfriend Smokes

Dear Hope,smoking
How can I get my boyfriend to stop smoking? It’s so disgusting and I don’t want to kiss him after he has been smoking. Is it rude to avoid kissing him because he smokes?
– Non Smoker

Dear Non Smoker,
In answer to your first question, you can’t get your boyfriend to stop. Your boyfriend has to want to quit smoking. If he chooses to quit, the best thing you can do is support him. Nicotine is addictive and quitting can be a difficult task.

There are several ways you can be supportive.
• Help him make a plan to stop.
• Encourage him along the way.
• Never criticize him about slip-ups.
• Celebrate small successes (like two days, one week, one month without smoking)

Now, on to your second question. You should never kiss someone if you feel uncomfortable. But just avoiding him is not the answer. He may not understand why and begin to think you have a problem with him. You need to be upfront with him. Let him know that you don’t enjoy kissing him when he smokes. You both deserve honesty.
He may never quit smoking, but that is his choice. You ultimately have to decide if you are ok with that or not.

Always do what is best for you.

Thank you for being brave and sending in your question.

Dear Hope

1 in a Billion


Hello amazing readers!
I thought you all might need a quick reminder about something important. Here it is:

You are something seriously special.

There is not a single person in this world that is like you. This is out of billions. BILLIONS!

• You are unique.
• You are here for a reason.
• You are important.

Think about that for a minute.

You are literally 1 in billions.

– ttfn G –

Dear Hope: Mom, I Think It’s Time

Dear Hope,Period
l think I am about to start my period. I am about to be 12, and I have some signs. I don’t have cramps, but I do think I have the other signs: discharge, mood swings and cravings. I want to tell my mom that I think I am about to start, and I want to get some pads just in case, but it’s awkward. Any advice?
– Don’t know what to say

Dear Don’t know what to say,
I think it’s a great idea to be prepared. Having the supplies ready will help you feel more comfortable when your period comes. Usually girls start experiencing discharge 6 months before their first period, but that time can vary. Even though you are showing signs, it’s hard to determine when it will happen. The average age is 12-13, but some girls start earlier, or don’t start until they are 16.

Even though it might feel awkward, you should definitely talk to your mom. Remember she knows what it feels like. Every female has been through this. Even if she acts a little uncomfortable at first, it’s ok. Keep talking! Moms have a hard time seeing their little girls grow up, but she is your best resource.

If you get your period before you get some supplies, just fold up some toilet paper and place it in your underwear. You usually won’t bleed that much your first time. The toilet paper will hold you over for a bit while you get some pads.

Once you have some pads, carry one in your purse or backpack. You can put it in a makeup bag or a pencil bag and have it ready just in case. If it happens at school and you are not prepared go talk to the nurse or a female teacher. Trust me they all understand and can help you.

It’s a totally normal part of life. It happens to every girl. Don’t be shy about talking to your mom. You’ve got this!

Thank you for being brave and sending in your question.
Dear Hope

How Bad Do You Want to Be Accepted?

Accept Me

The Blue – Accept Me Glasses

Do you wear accept me glasses?

When you wear accept me glasses, you see the world through someone else’s eyes. You might feel judgment or disapproval. You would do anything just to fit in.
You probably feel an intense need to be accepted. The need to feel accepted can show up in many ways.
Do any of these feel familiar?

• Do you always feel like you need to fit in?
• Have you ever changed your looks, personality or actions so people will like you?
• Do you feel the need to please people so that everyone is happy with you?
• Do you feel like you always have to get perfect grades or win first place so your parents or friends will think you are good enough?
• Do you ever feel like you aren’t good enough?

If you answered yes to a lot of those questions, you wear accept me glasses.

Everyone wants acceptance. That is part of being human. But wearing these glasses makes acceptance your focus. Your desire to be accepted is so strong that it changes who you are.
If you wear these glasses, take them off! Go ahead! Yank those suckers from your pretty face and throw them out.
I have definitely worn these glasses before. I can completely understand being afraid to take them off.

It is hard to let go of what others think of you. But it’s harder to live your life exhausted by the effort it takes to make everyone like you.

Focusing on someone else’s acceptance means you are not truly focusing on yourself.


Instead of waiting for others to accept you, you need to accept yourself! You need to like you.
When I need wisdom, I turn to Dr. Seuss. He speaks the truth. Here is what he has to say:
“Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”
Do you wear accept me glasses? Have you taken them off?
Tell me about it in the comments below!

– ttfn G –

Dear Hope: Obsessed with Taylor Swift

Dear Hope,Taylor Swift
Why are all my friends so obsessed with Taylor Swift? I just don’t get it. I mean her music is ok, but what is it that makes them freak out over everything she does. How can I get them to chill out about it? That is all we ever talk about. Taylor Swift everything. I know more about her than I do my friends.
– Kenzie

Dear Kenzie,
It’s not uncommon for people to admire someone. They may enjoy her music, but probably also look up to her. I understand being frustrated if that is the only conversation you ever have. Let your friends know how you feel. Explain that you don’t mind talking about her, but you want to talk about other things too. Bring up topics that interest you. You can’t expect them to stop talking about her completely, but you should also have a turn. Listen and talk to them about Taylor Swift and they should give you the same respect back.

Thank you for being brave and sending in your question.

Dear Hope