Finally! The Rude People Protection You’ve Been Waiting For!

Rude People


Today I equip you with the negativity shield.

It is an amazing shield ready to protect you from all things negative. It’s quite large as it covers the entire front of your body. It’s made of steel with a thin layer of rubber in the front. Let me explain how it works. It protects you from rude people.

Yes! The rude people protection you‘ve been waiting for is here.

When someone rude throws negativity your way, the shield stops it.

The big “NO” on the front lets them know YOU DO NOT accept rudeness. That in itself is awesome, but wait there’s more. As the negativity hits the shield, it reverses the negative comment and turns it into a positive which hits the rubber and bounces right back at them.

Take that Mr. Rude Pants!


Ok, so we’re not going to wear a big shield around all day, but I still equip you with the power of the shield. When someone says something negative, it’s usually because they are unhappy. If they can make you miserable then they will feel better for that minute. Yes, only for a minute. It never lasts, so they are on to the next person.

What usually happens when negativity comes our way? We let it in. We let it soak into our skin and we wear it around until we question if it is true.

Mr. Rude pants will still try throwing insults at you, but now you will have your shield ready.

Don’t let the negativity in. Their words do not define you.

Also, take advantage of the rubber on your shield. You know they are only doing it because they are unhappy, so throw a positive word right back at them. It will probably shock them and possibly annoy them, but maybe they will soak it in and start believing it.
Let the good stuff in and shield the bad.

– NBL V –


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