The Essential Step You Need In Your Beauty Routine

Beauty Hack

Do you use a thousand products, yet still walk away from the mirror feeling self-conscious?  Do you have the longest beauty routine ever?

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was one product out there that can boost your confidence in no time?

If you are anything like me, your morning beauty routine probably includes things like face wash, mascara, blush, and sticky notes.

What? Sticky notes?

You heard me.

Sticky notes.

Sticky notes are a MUST in anyone’s beauty arsenal. They are the first product I use every morning. Some days, they are the only product I need! They always make me feel beautiful!

This is my sticky note beauty hack.

This beauty hack will make you realize your outside beauty by making you feel beautiful on the inside.

This essential step in your beauty routine is not just fast, it’s easy!

Let me explain how the hack works.

First Step:

Keep a pad of sticky notes and a pen in the same place you keep items you use daily (toothbrush, makeup, zit cream, etc.).

Every morning when you step in front of the mirror, reach for the sticky notes.

Do this FIRST!

Don’t even fix your wild bed head. GRAB THE NOTES!

Then take your pen and write down “I AM BEAUTIFUL”.

Step Two :

Stick the note to your mirror. Stick it where you can easily see it while getting ready.

Step Three:

Repeat as much as you want!
Grab another sticky note. This time, try writing down something you love about yourself. It can be about your appearance, or about a quality that makes you special.

Today I wrote “I am kind”.

Now stick it! Write as many as you want or need and keep sticking.

Take a minute to let the things you wrote sink in as you see yourself in the mirror. Recognize that YOU are the beautiful person in the mirror.


As you continue to get ready, keep reading the notes, especially if you feel self-conscious. If you start to focus on a flaw, put your attention on your notes. Think of them as your personal beauty team complimenting you as you get ready.

You have to try this amazing beauty hack! Not only does it remind you of your beauty on the outside in no time, it makes you feel beautiful on the inside.

It beautifies your confidence.

Now you can take care of that bed head.

What are some ideas you can write on your sticky notes? Share your ideas in the comment section!

– ttfn G –

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