I Am Here

I Am Here

This week we received an email that touched our hearts. We are always so thankful for all the emails we receive. We read and appreciate each one.

This email was from someone who prefers to stay anonymous, but we thought their words were worth sharing.

I am here,
do you notice me?
I am here,
do you see me?

If I fall, will you pick me up?

I feel like I am not whole
I’m in pieces that I can’t’ seem to put together.

What is the glue that I need?
Love? Hope? Happiness?

If I knew, I could start being me again.

What will it take to make me whole?

I know everyone has felt this way at one point in life. We don’t need a name to connect and relate to this writer. We can all feel these words.

Even though this person chose to be anonymous, I’m sure they would love to hear your thoughts.


Your voice should be heard! Go ahead and comment, we're listening!

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