Dear Hope: Should I Do My Own Laundry

Dear Hope,Laundry
I’m 16 and I have never done my own laundry. My mom is home so she always does it. My friend does his and he thinks it’s stupid that I don’t do my own. Do you think is bad that I don’t wash my own clothes.
– CleanClothes

Dear Clean Clothes,
There is nothing wrong with your mom doing your laundry if that’s what she wants to do. That being said, you are old enough to do your own.

I think you should ask her if she would like some help with it. If you move out or go to college, you will want to know how to wash your own clothes. You can learn how to use the washer, how to measure detergent and how so separate the clothes.

If your mom wants to continue doing it, you could offer to do a load occasionally. Don’t forget to thank her for all the clean clothes you’ve had all these years.

Thank you for being brave and sending in your question.

Dear Hope

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