Dear Hope: Is It Too Late to Say Sorry?

Dear Hope,Bullying
My question is about bullying. I wasn’t bullied. I was the bully. There was this girl that lived in my neighborhood and no one liked her. I think just because she acted weird. I don’t know for sure we were 12 so who knows why. Well we lived on the same street and every time I would walk home that summer, I would see her in her driveway. I always gave her a mean look and called her a weird b*tch. At the end of the summer she moved and I never saw her again. I felt bad about it and I have never done anything like that since. I am 17 now and I just went to a party in the next town and she was there. I don’t think she saw me because I left and freaked out. I feel really bad about how I treated her that summer. I know the girl that had the party and I found out she is Facebook friends with the girl. I know I’m not a bully, but I was that summer and I still feel bad. What can I do? I have been thinking about contacting her through FB, should I do that? Is it too late to say sorry? Is there any way to make it right?
– Once a bully

Dear Once A Bully,
What you did that summer obviously wasn’t good, but you already know that. You cannot go back and change it, but what you can do is move forward. I think it would be okay to send her an apology through FB. Just say how you feel and express how sorry you are for what you did. It’s never too late to say sorry. She may not respond and that’s okay. Although she might appreciate your apology, she may not want contact with you.

Beyond saying sorry, you should not focus on it anymore. It’s in the past and you are not a bully. I can see that you are sincere and have learned from this experience. Appreciate what you have learned, forgive yourself, and let it go.

Thank you for being brave and sending in your question.

Dear Hope


  • This person was so brave in sending in this question! It’s the greatest act of courage when someone realises what they did wasn’t okay within their moral values or to realise that they have hurt someone when they should have. If the person who sent this in is reading this, I hope they know that sending in the question is incredibly brave and that goes to show that they can definitely start again if they want to. great answer, too, by the way!
    Hatsy xx


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