5 Ways You Can Be Lazy This Summer And Still Buy A Taco

Lazy Summer Taco
Its summer!

School’s out and all you want to do is sleep in, play video games and maybe go to Taco Bell once in a while.
Sounds pretty much perfect, but you’re going to need money to buy that taco. So unless you’ve got an endless supply from mom and dad, you need money.
I’m not talking loads of money, but just enough to get by. Yes, there will be plenty of kids working there tushies off all summer saving for a car or for college, but maybe that’s not you.

So what can you do to make some coin?

Here are five ways YOU can be lazy this summer and still buy a taco:

1. Dig through your couches and find loose change.
Find change anywhere (Not from your mom’s purse) and take it to a change machine at your local grocery store and cash it in. Change adds up – I see a burrito with your name on it.
2. Talk to a neighbor about mowing their lawn.
They may want it mowed every week or every two weeks or even once a month. How long does it take to mow a yard? Bonus, it doesn’t have to be done every day. It’s a great way to make some money for little effort. You can set up to do several lawns. The more you do, the more dollars you make.
3. See if anyone wants his or her dog walked.
Walking a dog for 30-60 minutes a day. Yes, it is daily, but it takes an hour at the most. Still less than a part time job and still gives you plenty of gaming time.
4. Find out if any neighborhood parents need a date night.
You could babysit once a week so they can have a night out. Or, you can be a mother’s helper. Offer to play with the kids once or twice a week for an hour for a small fee. Mom can have some me time and you make some easy cash. Again, it only takes a few hours a week.
5. Look for neighbors that could use some help.
You could carry in their groceries or get their mail.
One summer I got the mail for a woman who lived on my street. She couldn’t walk to her mailbox so I brought it to her. It took five to ten minutes out of my day and she paid me. You can take a bathroom break longer than that.

There you go. Simple ways to make a few extra dollars.

Your welcome.

Now go. Go forth, be lazy and enjoy your tacos.

Bonus: Did I mention your couch (and butt) will thank you. While you are away for a couple hours a week (or less), your couch cushions can air out and fluff back up.

– NBL V –

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