Dear Hope: Scared to Ask Her Out

Dear Hope,Summer Party
I want to ask this girl to a pool party. The party is in a few weeks, but I’m scared to ask her. We have only been hanging out since May. She is super cool and we have a lot of fun together. How can I stop freaking out and ask her.
– B

Dear B,
Take a breath and remember she is a person just like you. She is not some big scary dragon that will set you on fire.

Why are you freaking out? Because she might say no? Well, what if she does?

Think about that for a minute. What if she says no? It won’t ruin your life. You might feel awkward for a little while, but it will pass. You said she is “super cool” so I don’t think she would be rude about it.

BUT WAIT! She might say yes!

So take another deep breath and figure out what you want to say. Keep it casual. “There’s a party next week I was wondering if you wanted to go.”

The next time you’re hanging out, breath (yet again) and ask her. You can do this. If you never ask, you will never know.

You’ve got this!

Thank you for being brave and sending in your question.

Dear Hope


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