Dear Hope: Will My Friends Understand My Crush

Dear Hope,dating
I have a crush on a girl at my school and I think she likes me too. We started talking when our teacher partnered us up for a project. I have no one to talk to about this, because I don’t think my friends will understand. I’m black and she’s Hispanic. I don’t care, but they’re always saying that they would only date black girls. I don’t agree, but it still has me questioning it. What will everyone think? Do you think it’s ok?
– Different

Dear Different,
It’s exciting you have a crush. Double exciting that she might like you too. That is what matters.

If you like this girl, go for it.

This is not your friend’s decision. It is YOUR decision. As an individual, you get to choose who you date.

I don’t how your friends will react, but don’t assume they will have a problem with it. Let them know you like her just like you would tell them about anyone else. If they’re good friends they will be supportive.

Healthy relationships are built from attraction, trust, honesty, respect and support for one another. They are not about skin color, background or friends approval.

Decide what is right for you. Don’t be influenced by someone else’s preference.

Thank you for being brave and sending in your question.

Dear Hope

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