New Site Update: Please Read


New site update.

As you know, we have moved to a new site

Here’s a quick update on how it’s going:

The good!


We are still a part of the WordPress community. That means we still find you in the reader and keep up with what you’re posting. We can keep finding, following and connecting with new blogs.


The not so good!


When you like or follow our blog (onebridgeofhope), it doesn’t help us at our actual current site ( We need you to click on our link and come join our email list at our new site. Take some time to check it out. Leave a comment and let us know you’ve been there.

We love you all and appreciate your support so much.

We love our new site!

Self-hosted works great for us and the direction we are going. We have more control over what we can do.

We have received such great feedback. We cannot say thank you to enough to you for all the support you have been showing us. So many of you have come over and joined us and we appreciate that. You encourage us to keep going after our dreams.


Hope, Life, and Lots of Love,
Gabriella & Veronica
The Hope Girls

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