Should I Change My Hair Back?


Should I change my blue hair color back to brown? I just recently dyed my hair blue and I love it. Well… I did love it. Now I’m not sure. My friends keep making little comments. Like oh yeah it’s “something”, or when are you dying it back. I laughed it off at first but now I am feeling less confident. Maybe it looks bad and I should just go back to brown. What do you think?



Hey Q,

Your friends need changing, not your blue hair.


Okay, that’s a little harsh. But the truth is, your friends should support you. They don’t have to like your blue hair, but they shouldn’t make you feel bad about it.


When you look in the mirror, how do you feel? That’s what matters. If you love it, rock it!


The next time your friends make a comment, answer them with confidence.


If they say “oh yeah it’s something” answer with something like, “yes it is and I love it”.

Or, if they ask when you’re dying it back, tell them you will change it when you are ready.  


 Once your friends see that you’re happy about it, they should let it go.


Wear your blue hair loud and proud. Do you!


Post originally published on The Hope Girls

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