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My Parents Won’t Give Me Money

NO MONEY ASKS, A person carrying shopping bags after spending money

I need to go to this concert and tickets go on sale in two months. I don’t have enough money to buy tickets so I asked my parents for the money. They said no because they already give me a big allowance and I should have enough. Are my parents serious? They’re kinda being ridiculous because they know this is my favorite group and I will seriously not make it if I can’t go. I could have the money, but I have to spend it. My friends and I go to the mall every weekend and I always spend my allowance on clothes and jewelry. I have already bought the perf outfit to wear to the concert. Do my parents really think I can hang out with my friends and not buy stuff? I don’t want to look poor. My parents need to give me the money. How can I get them to do it?

      – No Money

Hey No Money,

Seeing your favorite group in concert is awesome!

Expecting your parents to pay is not so awesome.

Your parents are serious.  They already give you a big allowance.

It’s up to you not to spend all of your money.


Don’t let it get you down. You can make this happen!

The tickets go on sale in two months. You have time to save. Figure out how much you need for the ticket. Then decide how much you need to keep out of your allowance each week. Here’s the important part: stick to it! Before you know it, you will be singing along to all your favorite songs at the concert. You and your parents will be happy.

When you go to the mall, only bring the amount you can spend. The rest stays home to save. If there’s something you can’t live without, go back and buy it after you buy the tickets.

Another way to save is by taking a weekend off. You can do it! Skipping even one will save you money. Taking a weekend off does not have to equal no fun. Have your friends over for a spa day or binge watch Netflix. Have fun together away from the mall and away from spending.


Tell your friends you’re saving for the concert.


We don’t think they will look at you any differently. Say you are showing your parents you can be more responsible.

You can do this! You might even find you like saving and having extra money. It gives you the freedom to do what you want, like go to that concert. You will feel so proud of yourself. Bonus your parents will be proud too.

Post originally published on The Hope Girls

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Can I Be His Friend and Stay Out of Trouble?

X ASKS, Two friends one is trouble

I have this friend and he’s pretty cool, but he causes trouble. Sometimes we get into stuff that I’m not really comfortable with.  I like hanging out with him, but I don’t want to always do the things he does. How can I be friends with him, but stay out of trouble? What should I do?


Hey X,

How much trouble is he on a scale of 1-5?


1 – He gets you out of your comfort zone and trying new things. It’s scary but safe fun.
5 – Does he put your life at risk? You could get hurt, hurt someone else, or go to jail.


Is he closer to a 5? You have two choices.


1. Start saying no.

If you want to keep this friendship, you have to be strong enough to say NO. Don’t hang out with him when he’s up to no good. Only go to places you know he can’t cause trouble. Don’t put yourself in situations where you might do something you’ll regret.

2. Find a new friend.

This might sound harsh. But you should never let someone determine what you do. If you can’t say no, or he doesn’t respect your choices, he’s not a good friend to keep in your life.

Either way, stand up for yourself. Don’t just follow along. You might even end up being a GOOD influence on him.


Post originally published on The Hope Girls


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