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Life Lessons and Cookies


I like to use examples when I talk.

Okay, I love making examples.

I often tell off topic stories when imparting important wisdom to my daughter.  She is pretty much forced to listen, and I do get an occasional eye roll, but I keep on.  Eventually I get to the end of a story, hope that my example has a point, and hope that she has learned something.

I usually start by saying: “it’s kinda like this,” or “let’s say for example…”

Even when my daughter begs me not to tell another story, I always say “Wait, this is a good one!”

Hey, I never claimed I wasn’t a dorky mom.

So what’s the point of this?

As I read through blogs and social media I notice a lot of self-hating and negative self-talk:


It’s difficult to always feel good about ourselves. We all have our down days. I understand not always having good body image. It can be a struggle. But what I have noticed on social media is an increase in wanting to highlight the negatives.  20,000 likes for “I hate myself,” or “I’m fat,” or “I’m trying so hard to be anorexic.” I don’t understand why people encourage this, but what I want to address is why they are posting it in the first place. I look at some of these pages and see negative post after negative post.

Today I want to give you one of my famous examples (well… they will become famous one day).

Let’s say you were going to make cookies, maybe chocolate chips with nuts.

You would need to follow a recipe and put in the correct amounts of each ingredient.

2 cups of this, a dash of that, a scoop here, a pinch there.  Putting in the right amounts will make for some tasty cookies.  Yummy!

But what happens when we put too much of something?

If it only calls for is a dash of salt and you put a cup, imagine how that would taste.  WAY TOO SALTY!

What about if it calls for a cup of nuts and you put in three cups.  WAY TO NUTTY!

Do any of us need to be any nuttier?

I don’t like my cookies too salty, too dry, too nutty or too anything. That doesn’t mean the recipe has to be perfect, or that every cookie has to look exactly the same, it just means that too much of one thing can be TOO MUCH.

What does this have to do with anything you ask?

Hold on I’m getting to it.

Life is like making cookies

It takes a dash of this and several cups of that.

We can all have bad days.  There are days where self-doubt or body issues creep up. We don’t like everything every day, but that shouldn’t be all we focus on.

Without the right measurements, it can make an unhealthy, not so tasty cookie life.

Here’s the problem: if you keep making cookies with too much salt and eating them you will start to like them.  You will get used to all the salt.  It’s the same with the negative posts. You start believing and living the negative things you say.

When we have conversations with people or post on social media, we are expressing how we feel or sharing something. Think about making cookies when you post. A little of this and some of that. Too much of anything can spoil the recipe.

We were all born with the right amount of ingredients.   

– NBL V –

The Words You Should Be Using Right Now

Saying the words “thank you” means showing gratitude to someone. It lets them know you appreciate their words or actions.

Have you used those words today? Have you thanked someone?

It’s easy to get caught up in your daily life and forget to say thank you. Maybe you’re focused too much on yourself, you’re stressed or just too busy to notice the things people are doing.

Everyday someone you encounter deserves a thank you.

It might be something small like a person holding a door for you.

It might be big like a parent that has always been there for you.

Thank You

I encourage you to thank someone this week. Be appreciative of the all the little and big things that are being done for you.

Thank the barista for making you a nice cup of coffee.
Thank the school bus driver for getting you to school.
Thank the person who held the door for you.
Thank your mom and dad.
Thank your friends.
Thank your teacher for imparting you with knowledge (okay…cheesy much? But you get the point).Thanks quote

When you take time to be thankful, it helps you appreciate life more. The more you consciously focus on being grateful, the less you focus on being negative.

Did I just say that? Why, yes I did! THANK YOU for noticing.

Grateful Quote

This week be aware and say thank you.

Two little words, eight letters.

Simple, yes, but big in meaning.

Grateful Quote

I want to thank you for reading this post and for being exactly who you are.

– NBL V –

I Am Here

I Am Here

This week we received an email that touched our hearts. We are always so thankful for all the emails we receive. We read and appreciate each one.

This email was from someone who prefers to stay anonymous, but we thought their words were worth sharing.

I am here,
do you notice me?
I am here,
do you see me?

If I fall, will you pick me up?

I feel like I am not whole
I’m in pieces that I can’t’ seem to put together.

What is the glue that I need?
Love? Hope? Happiness?

If I knew, I could start being me again.

What will it take to make me whole?

I know everyone has felt this way at one point in life. We don’t need a name to connect and relate to this writer. We can all feel these words.

Even though this person chose to be anonymous, I’m sure they would love to hear your thoughts.

How That Crazy Chick Goldilocks Got It All Wrong


Do you remember Goldilocks and the three bears?

Yes, the childhood fairytale about the crazy blonde chick. The one that breaks into the house of three bears and eats all of their food and sleeps in their beds.

There is a lot I could say about that story, like the fact that she has some serious personal space issues…but that’s not what this blog is about. Nope! It’s about how that crazy chick Goldilocks got it all wrong.

Let’s play the three little bears game!

Not sure what that is? Well, let me tell you! You have actually all probably played it before. You know in the story how Goldilocks try’s the first bowl of porridge and it’s too hot? Then she tries the next bowl and it’s not hot enough? Well, the game is something like that. It’s when you look at yourself and think you are too much one thing and not enough of another.

We say things like: I’m too fat, too skinny, too tall, and too short. Or maybe you don’t feel smart enough, pretty enough, cool enough or anything else that doesn’t seem good enough.

We pick ourselves apart like Goldilocks picked a bed.

Guess what Baby Bear! You are just right!

She is way too picky.

Do you really want to be like that crazy chick Goldilocks?

Don’t judge yourself.

Don’t ever believe that who you are is not enough! That’s right baby bear, you are just right!        – ttfn G –


You Are a Fighter

What you need to know RIGHT NOW!

You are a fighter.



I know a lot of you have gone through difficult things lately. I promise you that you are stronger than you give yourself credit for. Whatever you are going through right now, don’t stop fighting.

Fight for what you want. Fight for what you deserve! You are powerful.

I believe in you. Your turn to believe in yourself. 

What does being a fighter mean to you?

– ttfn G –


You Are Strong, Beautiful, and Confident

Beautiful Confident

Today was one of those days. I sat in front of the mirror while I getting ready and I didn’t love what I saw. I started complaining about how stupid my hair looked. I became self-conscious about a big pimple on my forehead. I started looking at every flaw on my body and freaking out for no reason.

How do you feel after you pick yourself apart like that?

I always feel weird. It puts me in a bad mood and seriously messes with my confidence. I even start to feel uncomfortable in my own skin.

Those negative feelings you get when focusing on your flaws SUCK!

No one wants to feel that way. Those feelings don’t usually just go away, but they aren’t meant to stay either.

I tried something weird today.

For every negative comment I said about myself, I said something I like about myself.

I know it sounds kinda ridiculous, but it helped turn my mood around. I even named the pimple on my forehead Pepe’. He had a feisty personality and a French accent. It made me laugh and not worry so much.

You are going to have bad days. You won’t love the way you look every single day of your life. If you are feeling weird about the way you look or self conscious, you can’t ignore those feelings. It is okay to acknowledge the way you feel. The secret is to not let those mean thoughts win.

Those so called flaws and weird feelings, are not who you are. For every negative thing you say to yourself, replace it with a positive thing.  

You have the power to smile instead of stress. You have the power to be your own supporter instead of your own worst enemy. You have the power to love what you see in the mirror.

Remind yourself that there is more to who you are!

If you aren’t sure what positive things to say, here are some of the things I have used and you should try:

I am strong
I am beautiful
I am confident
I am brave

Or you could always just name your pimples and strike up a conversation….don’t judge me.

– ttfn G –

1 in a Billion


Hello amazing readers!
I thought you all might need a quick reminder about something important. Here it is:

You are something seriously special.

There is not a single person in this world that is like you. This is out of billions. BILLIONS!

• You are unique.
• You are here for a reason.
• You are important.

Think about that for a minute.

You are literally 1 in billions.

– ttfn G –

5 Letters That Will Change Your Life

Lovable and capable

I Am Lovable And Capable

The acronym (the letters) IALAC stand for I Am Lovable And Capable. We should learn this. We should know it. We are all lovable and capable. We need to own it. Capable does not mean perfection. When you put your best self forward or do your best, you were capable in that moment.

When you first wake up,
When you look in the mirror,
Before you go to bed,
Or anytime you need to hear it
tell yourself IALAC – I Am Lovable And Capable.

The next time you are feeling down on yourself:
Stop! Take a breath. Remind yourself of who you are.

Being capable means:
• Knowing that when you’re having trouble figuring something out, it’s ok to start over and try again.
• You know when you need help and when to ask questions.
• You stop and cool off before getting in a fight.
• Understanding you don’t have to be perfect.
• You can accept that other people’s actions have nothing to do with you.
• You are yourself.
Your life is your choice.
Choose success!
Choose good self-image.
Remember everything takes practice.
Practice loving yourself every day, every second of everyday.

IALAC – I Am Lovable And Capable.
I believe you are!
Now, you have to believe it too.

– NBL V –

Is Your Story Ready for a Plot Twist?

Plot Twist

Your past:

Your past is a story that has already been written. It is full of pages packed with words. Those words are the choices you’ve made, the memories you’ve kept, your fears, your joy, your mistakes, and your successes.

• The past is an important part of your story.

• The past does NOT determine who you are.

• The past does NOT determine where you are going.

Your future:

Your future is a blank page ready for you to make your mark.

You have the pen in your hand. Write your story.

The awesome thing is that it’s yours.

If you’re not living the story you want, that means you’re ready for a huge plot twist.


– ttfn G –

OBOH Spotlight: Teddy’s New Bear

OBOH Spotlight


This month’s spotlight is on: Teddy’s New Bear


Teddy’s New Bear is a blog about a little bit of everything. She posts about her life as a teenager, thoughts and opinions, tips, books, and anything else on her mind. I love reading her blog! It is always interesting and positive.

I seriously recommend reading her posts and leaving her lots of comments!

Some of my favorite things she is posting about right now is her 18 Things To Do Before I Turn 18 and her Meaningful Mondays

Not only does she have a blog (you should definitely read) she has a YouTube page: That Bear Next Door
On her blog, she talks about music being a huge part of her life. You can see her love of music when you visit her YouTube page. Her page is full of awesome covers. She even plays the guitar! Go and check out her YouTube page….right now.

Show Teddy’s New Bear some love!!

Have a favorite blog? Know someone who you feel deserves the spotlight? Go to our contact page, send us an email, and tell us why! Check back the first Tuesday of every month to see who is in the spotlight.

– ttfn G –    -NBL V –

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